Restoration of my 1975 Gibson Ripper bass.
Progress report

I purchased this 1975 Gibison Ripper bass off of Ebay for $320.00. I knew for that price it would be a "Project bass"It's not in bad shape but it does look like it has been played for 28 years.

As you can see it has been modified to a P-J configuration and the 3 point bridge has been replaced with a Badass bridge. it sounds great but I would like to get it back to the original Ripper configuration. I'm having a hard time finding Ripper pickups though. I also have a question about the schematic I can't figure out. Here's a list of parts I need.
Step 1
I located a 3p-4t switch ($5.00) & a Chicken head knob ($2.00) from & installed it based on the schematic I got from I also rewired the tone controls in parallel but I still haven't found the parts to reconstruct the mid range choke.
Step 2
I installed a 3 point bridge I purchased off ebay from GUITAR PARTS RESOURCE DOT COM. It's made by Allparts. It seems to be a good match. I also made a make shift number decal using my printer and shipping lable paper. From what I have seen, the numbers on '74 and '75 rippers were on the bottom and the switch pointed down. I'm still looking for pickups.
Step 3
All most finished. I got a pair of pickups off of Ebay some time ago but I had to wait until I could find the right pickguard. I finally found one on Ebay. I put it all together and it actually works. It plays great and sounds even better. I still don't have a bridge cover though.
If any one can help me out here with any info email me at
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